Wild Grown Blue Green Algae

wild grown blue green algae

Wild  Grown Blue Green Algae

The harvesting and manufacturing of Klamath’s Best® Wild  Grown Blue Green Algae is carefully controlled in order to ensure impeccable quality of the finished product.

Every year during harvest season, KVB keeps a log of its activities on the lake. Entries in the logbook document: Location, date, time, temperature, microcystin levels and how the decision to harvest or not harvest was made. In large part this effort is visual. Our harvest captains do a lot of driving around on scout boats literally looking into the lake. Once the decision has been made that a slick is forming that is harvestable a closer examination of a concentrated sample of the wild grown blue green algae will occur and this will be documented. A required step in our harvest process is the identification and sampling of a live algal bloom in order to determine the presence of AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae). If under microscopic observation the sample has a high concentration of AFA with a very low concentration of cross-contamination then a decision to harvest is made.

The freshly harvested algae is then transported to Modoc Point to the processing facility where it is identified as a batch and pumped into 55 gallon drums that are double-lined with food grade plastic bags. The drums are arranged 4 drums to a pallet and each pallet in the batch is identified. Samples are taken that will be sent off for various tests including microcystin analysis.

Once a freshly harvested batch is finished being processed it will be transported to a cold storage facility in Medford, OR where it will remain until it is time to be dried. When it is time for a batch to be dried it is shipped frozen to Liqua-Dry in Abraham, UT where it will undergo BioActive Dehydration™. One truckload (24-26 pallets @ 4 drums per pallet) is dried at a time in 2 separate dryers then it is blended together. Several batches of fresh/frozen product (once dried) are homogenously blended to form one lot. Documentation guaranteeing reconciliation between lot numbers and batch numbers is kept to ensure perfect traceability and integrity of Klamath’s Best® Blue Green Algae. Each and every dry lot then has samples pulled and sent to various third party labs from which the data for the Certificates of Analysis is compiled. The dried algae is then packaged into 20lb oxygen sealed bags, 2 bags per box and shipped back to KVB where it is added to the inventory and ready to be shipped to customers around the world.