Klamath Valley Botanicals Blue green Algae

Corporate Information

Since 1987, Klamath Valley Botanicals, LLC has specialized in the harvesting and processing of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, also known as blue green algae, from the Klamath Lake. Klamath Valley Botanicals, LLC was originally formed in 1987 as a harvesting company. Most of the harvesters on the lake today are designed after Grant Brown’s, company founder, original technology. The original harvesting strength of Klamath Valley Botanicals, LLC combined with the marketing and quality control expertise has resulted in one of the strongest suppliers of super green foods in the industry. Klamath Valley Botanicals, LLC has marketed this blue green algae by its registered trademark Klamath’s Best®. Klamath’s Best® blue green algae is open water fresh harvested from the Klamath Lake located in Southern Oregon. All products are Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth, who is an internationally recognized Organic certification entity, 100% USDA Organic, certified Kosher by K of K, 100% Vegan, GMO-free, Gluten-free, FDA Export Certificates and Certified by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Also available from Klamath Valley Botanicals is a line of super green foods products made with Klamath’s Best®; AFASlim™ an all-natural appetite suppressant, Blue Green Fusion™ a super green foods blend, AFAMax™ a powerful completely natural anti-inflammatory product, and Gentle Transition™ an all-natural menopause relief formula.

Super Green FoodsThe President of the company, Mr. William Shannon Hamilton, came to Klamath Valley Botanicals, LLC in September 1997. He was instrumental in his previous position in the natural products industry for the development and service of customers in 32 countries for the world’s largest producer of jojoba oil. A strong background in operations and quality control from the cosmetics industry that has resulted in raising the standards in the algae industry.