Seeking The Truth About Doctor OZ

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by Michael Torchia

Doctor OZ has been preaching on his show that apple juice and baby food contain poisonous ingredients, but he encourages people to microwave their foods!  We all know the potential dangers of microwaving our foods, especially foods in plastic bags & containers.  Doctor OZ claims to be providing cutting edge advice and creating awareness of potential toxic foods and beverages, but he ignores to inform us of all the medically proven studies that prove the dangers of microwaving foods and beverages in plastic containers.

It seems like he has a hidden agenda in place?  This is a warning sign.  We need to confront Doctor OZ on his decisions of not address the ill effects of microwaving, and many other dangers Americans should be aware of and provide sensible solutions for us.

Did you know immediately after the Doctor OZ show, stores likes Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s sell out of any vitamin supplements and food products he endorses within 2 hours!  It’s important we be careful of who we trust and never give anyone, even Doctor OZ the power over us.  We need to stop giving these talk show hosts aka game show hosts, such power and influence over the American public.  When Doctor OZ first launched his show it was very informative and educational, it’s now become more of a game show at times and less of an educational platform.  He selects products that have very low levels of toxic ingredients and goes on these rants to sensationalize the dangers of consuming these everyday food products and beverages; then ignores more dangerous foods that Americans are consuming.
I strongly suggest people go on their computers and research the potential ill effects of microwaving foods in plastic containers. Then collect the extensive list of articles and email them to Doctor OZ and the producers of his show.  We need to start today, Americans need to stop these high profile Doctors from becoming puppets for the food, beverage and drug companies.  We need health leaders that cannot be influenced by money and truly give sensible and safe advice for the purpose of good and not financial gain.

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